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NeoRhythm: Breakthrough in Brain Science 

Sleep better, de-stress, and boost energy with this gesture-controlled headband.

SW Balance Board S 
Exogun: The Portable Percussive Massage Therapy Device 
Bello: Track & Manage Your Waistline 

Bello is a portable device that directly measures belly fat with an app.

Heatbox: The Self-Heating Lunchbox 
Boost Surfing Fin: Electric Motorized Fin for any Surfboard 

Boost Surfing Fin is an easily attachable electric fin created to help surfers paddle faster and longer.

Snowfeet: Turn Your Shoes Into Mini Skis 
Nanopresso: Take an Exceptional Cup of Coffee Anywhere 
Camera & Accessories
Diveroid: Turn Your Smartphone Into An All-in-One Dive Gear 

Diveroid is all-in-one diving gear that makes your smartphone into dive computer, underwater camera, and automatic logbook.

Shimoda Action X: A New line of Adventure Bag System 

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