Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ is an essential portable air conditioner in the tent, RV, and truck that helps to cool the surrounding fast to combat summer hotness. With Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ, you can stay cool anytime, anywhere as it keeps the space cool regardless of the temperature outside. It is also super compact and lightweight so you can carry it around easily. Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ with the patented compressor can reduce the ambient temperature by 0ºF/16.7°C and is suitable for camping and other occasions like RV trailer, truck cockpit sleepover, garage, and boat fishing. The battery system of Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ is made of high energy density 18650 battery. Each interchangeable battery delivers 5 hours of long-lasting coolness for work and leisure. In addition, Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ’s powerful battery is also detachable to work as a power outlet for camping equipment. The Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ Battery pack has 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port for charging of multiple digital devices. Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ enables you to play games in the tent and burst music from your phone at ease. Moreover, with USB type C, it allows you to charge your laptop for work in an outdoor environment.