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OTARI interactive workout mat

Otari is a smart exercise mat that uses computer-vision algorithms to recognize how your body is moving in three-dimensional space. It then gives real-time feedback and improvement tips.



The OYO NOVA Gym is a portable gym that provides total body strength training, at the home, office, or on the go.

NEXX multifunctional home therapy neck device

Nexx is a multifunctional traction device that helps you to relieve neck tension, improves flexibility and ranges of motion.

Lumina Fat Iron fat-reducing

Fat Iron is an FDA cleared fat-reducing and body-toning device for home-use that combines three powerful technologies.

CalfPRO leveraged calf stretching device

CalfPRO, leveraged calf stretching device, holds your heel in the perfect position to maximize your stretch safely and effectively.

BESTEK M-Care toothbrush set

BESTEK M-Care is an electric sonic toothbrush with a UV sanitizing station that kills 99% of germs, and your toothbrush is clean and sanitized before every use.

Sense-U Baby Monitor


The award-winning Sense-U Baby Monitor attaches to the baby’s clothes and tracks the baby’s breathing, rollover, and temperature. It will then send alerts to an app on your phone if anything potentially dangerous is occurring.

Bellabeat Leaf health tracker


The Bellabeat Leaf set is a health tracker in the shape of jewelry that connects to your phone allows women to track activity, sleep, period, and stress levels.

PhoneSoap smartphone UV sanitizer


PhoneSoap uses UVC technology to kill the germs and bacteria on the surface of your phone.

Tonal work out from home

Tonal is a full-body strength training system that packs hundreds of movements into a device that’s sleek enough to hang in your living room.

NeoRhythm breakthrough in brain science

NeoRhythm is a brainwave entrainment device to help you relax, enhance focus, fall asleep quicker and sleep better, meditate better, or soothe your pain.

SW Balance Board S

Balance Board S designed to find balance and bring movement into your life. It can help keep us on our feet and active. Balance tends to erode with time, especially if you’re not active.