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SwiftBand smartwatch protection

Razer Anzu smart eyewear


Cali Weights bracelets workout tool

Nubia flexible display smartwatch

Ghost Pacer holographic workout partner

Pero wearable gesture controller

Aipower Wearbuds Pro

SND RAY bone conduction glasses

Cinera Edge head-mounted display

$999.00 $649.00

Bucqle replacement of the belt

Quikflip Apparel backpack hoodie


Bellabeat Leaf health tracker


FOCI biometric focus boosting device


VOIXATCH smart watch with detachable bluetooth headset

FORM swim goggles


NeoRhythm breakthrough in brain science

Doppel wristband

FLECTR CLIP multipurpose reflectors

Frontier Mittens

Aipower Wearbuds wireless earbuds 2 in 1