Chef Caddy is a cleverly designed spice rack which integrates recipes with unique patent-pending modular connectivity and a sleek, clean, modern design for organizational perfection and kitchen serenity. With a range of seasonings at their fingertips, home cooks will be inspired to experiment more and build their confidence in the kitchen. Using the Chef Caddy, even beginners can get organized and prepare meals quickly, to reduce hassle and confusion, increase the flavor of their home-cooked foods and save a ton of money by skipping restaurants. The spice containers are organized by region and include a larger slot for bottles of oils, vinegars, and sauces. The Chef Caddy units are magnetized to lock together easily for a variety of configurations to fit any kitchen and prep space, and they can be used vertically or attached horizontally under cabinets. They come with magnetic content labels and regional grouping labels as well as blank labels to write down personal recipes.