The HD Mask Noir is an invisible security camera that looks just like a USB charger — it functions as one too. Pocket-sized and battery-free, HD Mask Noir plugs into any power outlet and records 1080p HD video 24/7. The device is WiFi compatible, so video feeds are streamable and saveable from anywhere on Earth via the HD Mask mobile app. And if the internet cuts out, HD Mask Noir will continue to record on its 64GB of internal storage. Noir has a 75˚ wide-angle lens, so a single camera can shoot an entire room. HD Mask Noir has a motion detection function that automatically takes 3 photos and immediately sends a push notification to your phone or tablet. Additionally, you can set the camera to start recording video upon detection of motion. The HD Mask app allows for the monitoring of multiple cameras at once, so users can put a camera in each room and use their smartphone as a digital control station. Up to four feeds can be viewed simultaneously on the app.