The SimCam leverages artificial intelligence to recognize and track human movements, eliminate false alarms and make home security smarter. The camera’s facial recognition boasts 99.4% accuracy.

Unlike other home security systems available today, SimCam allows users to define their own AI function by “training” the camera to monitor physical locations within the surveillance area. This do-it-yourself (DIY) functionality opens up unlimited possibilities and endless customization options, such as monitoring for when a pool fence door is left open, or if a package arrived on time. SimCam’s patented physical object monitoring technology and image processing runs within the device, and data and backup is stored locally and powered by Intel® Movidius™ VPU. Customers’ privacy isn’t compromised by offsite storage, and there’s no additional cloud subscription costs for data storage, unlike competitors.

Within each SimCam is the lightning-fast 1/2.3” 5-megapixel image sensor, which lets users see events as they happen via video or snapshots. With 360-degree rotation, 1080P video resolution, night-vision and IP65 waterproof capabilities and its patented physical object monitoring technology, the smart camera is reviewing high-quality surveillance footage nonstop, in real-time.

The home security camera pairs seamlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa to make automating household tasks even easier. With an open SDK, SimCam users can unleash the full power of the Intel AI chipset by customizing new applications to transform the home security camera into nearly anything—from a pet monitor to a smart home hub.