ROIDMI NEX Storm is a smart cordless vacuum with the Mop which features powerful suction & filtration, magnetic wireless charger, long battery life, quiet and smart app. With the water-resistant roller brush and the magnetic mopping component — the Mop Box which can store 180 ml water, just need to fill it with water and attach to the brush head. Then it will allow you to deep clean any stain and dirt on the floor more effectively in just one simple step. The microfiber pad can pick up and hold the dust and dirt, absorb liquid by mopping down your hard floors, leaves nothing behind. And also it is very convenient to replace the pad easily at a very low cost. ROIDMI NEX Storm comes with an innovative magnetic wireless charger, which makes charging and storage easier. The magnetic dock is the charger, just simply drop your ROIDMI NEX cordless vacuum cleaner into the wall-mounted charging dock, and ready to grab and go. ROIDMI NEX Storm consists of eight 2500 mAh Samsung 18650 lithium battery cells that are the same model used in Tesla, and with the BMS-X Battery Management System. The battery can support the vacuum to operate for up to 60 minutes. Enough for cleaning a whole house of around 380 square meters at once.