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Newsboy discovers new ideas by entrepreneurs, inventors, and newcomers to the tech world/market, and introduce the ones who deserve to be known online via the most recent online media technology.

Newsboy has over 30 different categories of fresh, innovative, and original goods; Newsboy is always welcome products that meet these qualifications.

Newsboy provides the products on the website, and if you are interested in purchasing any of the products, you can click the button at the bottom of each product.

Newsboy does not sell or ship the product directly. Users will get redirected to the seller’s website, which can be a 3rd party e-commerce website, Amazon, or crowdfunding pages such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Crowdfunding empowers people to unite around the ideas that matter to them, and together make those ideas come to life. Whether you’re searching for the latest in tech, supporting your favorite independent filmmaker, or helping an important cause, you can find something that inspires you. Crowdfunding generates exciting opportunities for backers and entrepreneurs alike, but there are some basic facts that all backers should know.

– Indiegogo

They are crowdfunding platforms that allow companies to launch new products and creative projects by making them available for you to pre-order at the lowest prices ever.

For more information, check out Kickstarter and Indiegogo website.