The Hövding 3 is the third generation of Hövding’s airbag for urban cyclists, which is worn around the neck like a collar, and is therefore more appealing to people who don’t like wearing helmets. Upon impact, it inflates, just like a car airbag, instantly cocooning the head before it is injured. One of the coolest new features is the built-in Bluetooth functionality that allows it to be synced to a smartphone. This allows for an ICE (In Case of Emergency) function that triggers a text message to be sent to next-of-kin in the event of an accident involving airbag inflation, including the coordinates of the accident site. When Hövding has been activated, it registers movements 200 times a second. In an accident, the airbag is inflated in 0.1 seconds to enclose the head and hold the cyclist’s neck in place.