Forget just hearing sound. Woojer’s tech enables users to feel sound. Woojer delivers a unique sensation that boasts an amplified level of immersion. Imagine standing right next to a huge bass cabinet. You know that oomph you feel in your body? Is that energy pulsing into your bones? That’s what Woojer feels like. It gives you everything that your headphones simply can’t. The powerful haptics based on Woojer’s patented Osci™ technology are felt throughout the body and take games, music and VR/AR to immersive levels never experienced before. Whether with the single transducer in the Strap or the six transducers in the Vest, the near-zero latency of Woojer’s patented transducers ensures that the haptic feedback is in complete sync with the soundtrack. This together with subsonic tactile sensations catapults entertainment experiences to unexpected heights.